Organic Waves review in Kaaoszine!

Thanks to Kaaoszine for a nice Organic Waves review! (In Finnish, but in a nutshell, they liked it…)

Nämä rokkikukot esittelevät ”Organic Waves” -EP:n mitä positiivisimmalla energialla tuoden toivoa stadionrockin uudelle valtakaudelle, kun kaiken maailman Cheeckit ja Robinit valtaavat Olympiastadionit.

Read it here!

Emergenza – “Road to Taubertal”!

Indeed, we’re taking part in Emergenza Festival 2014 this spring. It is an opportunity to play in great places for big crowds, from Helsinki to Stockholm and all the way to Taubertal, Germany.

In order to do that, we need your help. Your part is easy: just come to the gigs and vote us forward to the next rounds!

The first round takes place on 15.3 at Bar Loose Helsinki. We will be playing there along with 7 other bands, and half of those bands will advance to the next round in Nosturi.

First phase:
Sat 15/03/2014 @ Bar Loose (Annankatu 21, Helsinki)

19:30 Henkka Vahtere & Amsterdamin Valot1622796_523981627720974_8727669_n
20:00 Sonic Time
20:30 EWC
21:00 Burntfield
21:30 Sortuma

22:00 Crawlout
22:30 Anxiety

23:00 Exiled Genesis

10€ at the door
9€ in advance from the band members

Aaaand for this very special occasion, we have a guest keyboard player Arttu Vauhkonen (Arion), who also appeared on our EP!

Stay tuned along this whole shebang by attending the facebook event! Thanks in advance for your support!


Melodic Waves contest on facebook!

Time for a quick contest! Share the Melodic Waves event on your wall, leave a comment on our facebook page, and we will draw three lucky ones among those people. The lucky ones will receive Burntfield’s Organic Waves -EP + a free entrance to Melodic Waves at Darkside Club, Helsinki on Friday!

This weekend seems for us like following, incuding shows in Helsinki on Friday and in Järvenpää on Saturday:

Fri 21.2. Darkside Club, Helsinki | w/ Forcing FunktionTurtle Neck | Showtime 22:00 | Tickets 5 €

Sat 22.2. Club 70, Järvenpää | w/ Lucy Pherson | Showtime 22:00 | Tickets 4 €


Emergenza Festival & other shows updated

We’re excited to take part in Emergenza Festival 2014. Our 1st step -show will take place at Bar Loose, Helsinki on 15.3. Our showtime is 21:00, the first band starts already at 19:30 and the whole night includes performances from 8 bands total.

To make our way to the semifinals and further, we need your help: please save the date, come to the show and vote us! Tickets: 9€ from the band in advance / 10€ door.

And to remind you of the upcoming shows… In a couple of weeks we hit the stages at Darkside Club, Helsinki on Friday 21.2. and Club 70, Järvenpää on the following day. In addition of Emergenza, Bar K/Tampere on 5.4. has been added recently. Hope to see you at the shows!

1011097_10152245097974341_893517338_n21.2.2014 Darkside Club, Helsinki | w/ Forcing FunktionTurtle Neck

22.2.2014 Club 70, Järvenpää | w/ Lucy Pherson

15.3.2014 Bar Loose, Helsinki | Emergenza Festival

5.4.2014 Bar K, Tampere

Peaceful Christmas & A Wonderful New Year!

2013 is getting near to its end, and hopefully everyone has a chance to relax a few days and celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or whatever you desire… As we look back, we certainly had a great time during this year: enormous thanks to every single one of you for coming to see us live, listening to Organic Waves and overall support!

In the first quarter of the year the lineup was just taking its form, and in that sense things have been moving on pretty quickly. The first half of the year consisted of first searching (and luckily finding) band members, followed by intense songwriting and practicing… From September on we played 8 live shows in the Helsinki area. In November, not longer than a month and a half ago, our first EP Organic Waves was released. So far we’ve got some great feedback (thank YOU!), and we’re also waiting for many more reviews to be published next year. (If you happened not to have heard the EP yet, we recommend dedicating a moment of your Holidays for listening to it either on Spotify or Soundcloud. It’s also available in CD format; if you’re interested please check for further information!)

Plans of 2014 are still shaping, but in general it will include as many gigs as possible, especially outside the capital city region. As we know, holidays are made for songwriting, and in early January we’re about to start putting together, arranging and pre-producing new songs! Live dates will be published as soon as they become available, so keep alert!

Once again, THANK YOU to everyone who was involved in Burntfield’s activities and helped/supported us in 2013! Keep checking, Facebook and Twitter for upcoming live dates and news, lots of things will be comin’ your way next year… Now, peaceful Christmas and a wonderful new year!

Organic Waves -EP for Christmas…

Christmas time is upon us, and it’s certainly a great time to buy something to listen to during the holidays. So, get yourself or your loved one a copy of Organic Waves -EP!

Order the limited edition CD in cardsleeve by sending an e-mail to with your address details on the message field. Price: 5 € (shipping included). More info in the music section…

Cover art by Petri Lampela

Cover art by Petri Lampela