Album art by Jesse Harrison |

Album art by Jesse Harrison |


Out now on Progressive Gears Records – buy the physical CD digipak or stream/download on a platform of your choice here.

1. Now
2. Sub-zero
3. My Grief
4. Feeling of Love
5. Q & A
6. In The Air
7. The Failure
8. What Remains
9. Hereafter


Juho Myllylä | guitars, vocals
Valtteri Seppänen | guitars, vocals
Maarten Vos | bass
Steven Favier | drums, percussion


Special guests:
Arttu Vauhkonen | keyboards, programming
Aurora Visa | kantele


String quintet ANSoS:
Eeva Vesamäki, Taija Kangaskokko | violin I
Matti Fredriksson | violin II
Heikki Vilpponen | viola
Tatu Ahola | cello
Ilkka Leppälä | double bass


All music, lyrics written & arranged by Juho Myllylä
Q & A co-written by Tero Heinonen & Ville Repo


Release date: 07/05/2018
Produced by Juho Myllylä & Burntfield
Recorded at Groovity Studios, Amersfoort (NL), Sonic Pump & Content Union Studios, Helsinki (FI)
Engineered by Eero Kaukomies (FI) & Wilkin de Vlieger (NL)
Assistant engineering by Miiro Varjus & Topias Kupiainen
Mixed by Eero Kaukomies at Sonic Pump Studios
Mastered by Svante Forsbäck at Chartmakers, Espoo


Burntfield is one more example of a high quality band releasing a high quality debut album of the kind that should appeal both inside of and outside of the progressive rock universe. Compelling, easy to like melodic rock with sophisticated features and progressive intent is the end result, with a melancholic spirit to it that will attract deeply the right kinds of people.
Progarchives4 stars


Music video for The Failure by GingerEmProd

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