Album art by Jesse Harrison

Impermanence is available in digital and physical versions via Inverse Records.

  1. Empty Dream
  2. Back Again
  3. Trust In You
  4. Something Real
  5. The Light
  6. Thank You For Everything
  7. Impermanence
  8. Everything Will Change

Juho Myllylä | vocals, guitars 
Maarten Vos | bass
Steven Favier | drums

Special contributions:
Arttu Vauhkonen | keyboards 
Heikki Neuvonen | keyboards (3)
Veera-Selina Lajoma | vocals (4)
Topias Kupiainen | strings & additional sound fx programming (5, 8)
Juho Myllylä | blockflutes (1)

Music & lyrics written & arranged by Juho Myllylä
Produced by Juho Myllylä

PGRCD0034 | Progressive Gears Records
Release date: 12/11/2021
Recorded & mixed by Eero Kaukomies at Sonic Pump Studios, Helsinki, Finland
Mastered by Svante Forsbäck at Chartmakers, Espoo, Finland 

Rousing choruses, melancholy and yearning, this is a compulsive album that will strike a chord with anyone who has loved and lost and loved again. Magnificent. ★★★

David Randall / Get Ready To Rock! (31.10.2021)

Music video for Trust In You by Gingeremprod
Music video for Empty Dream by Jesse Harrison
Music video for Something Real by Topias Kupiainen

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