Emergenza – “Road to Taubertal”!

Indeed, we’re taking part in Emergenza Festival 2014 this spring. It is an opportunity to play in great places for big crowds, from Helsinki to Stockholm and all the way to Taubertal, Germany.

In order to do that, we need your help. Your part is easy: just come to the gigs and vote us forward to the next rounds!

The first round takes place on 15.3 at Bar Loose Helsinki. We will be playing there along with 7 other bands, and half of those bands will advance to the next round in Nosturi.

First phase:
Sat 15/03/2014 @ Bar Loose (Annankatu 21, Helsinki)

19:30 Henkka Vahtere & Amsterdamin Valot1622796_523981627720974_8727669_n
20:00 Sonic Time
20:30 EWC
21:00 Burntfield
21:30 Sortuma

22:00 Crawlout
22:30 Anxiety

23:00 Exiled Genesis

10€ at the door
9€ in advance from the band members

Aaaand for this very special occasion, we have a guest keyboard player Arttu Vauhkonen (Arion), who also appeared on our EP!

Stay tuned along this whole shebang by attending the facebook event! Thanks in advance for your support!


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